Gyro ball
Gyro ball
Gyro ball

Gyro ball

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If fitness fascinates you, maintaining strong and powerful hands would be the first thing that you would aim at. Possessing healthy wrists and hand muscles gives you a confident feeling that you are fit and strong. You need not afford to join a fitness gym for this training. The gyro ball here will provide you with the necessary hands and wrists training just like your fitness coach. It has an elegant metallic outlook, auto-start feature, a wrist strap for protective handling and is extremely easy to use as a mode of exercise to your wrists and hands. Strengthen your hands with a steady grip of this gyro ball! Carry this compact device anywhere and recharge yourself!

  • Weight: 270g
  • Product volume: 7.0 cm * 7.0 cm * 50 cm
  • Fitness equipment
  • Material: polycarbonate, zinc alloy
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